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    [[File:468681 | class=media-item-align-none | WelcometoSandpoint_zps55c9b928.png]] Sandpoint is known as the 'Light of the Lost Coast' and is a small town in south-western [[Varisia]] under the influence of the city of [[Magnimar]] to its south. …

  • Attack On Sandpoint

    22 Rova 4707 AR Five individuals seek their destiny in the small town of [[Sandpoint | Sandpoint]]. A Dwarven Cleric from [[Janderhoff | Janderhoff]] looking to extend relations and the influence of his god [[Torag | Torag]]. A Gnome Bard traveling …

  • Local Heroes

    23 [[Rova | Rova]] [[4707 AR | 4707 AR]] After the attack on [[Sandpoint | Sandpoint]] during the [[Swallowtail Festival | Swallowtail Festival]], the newly minted "Heroes of Sandpoint" were looking for a suitable place to wind down. Settling in at the …

  • To Thistletop

    6 [[Lamashan | Lamashan]] [[4707 AR | 4707 AR]] The group, having just finished clearing out the catacombs beneath the [[Sandpoint Glassworks | Sandpoint Glassworks]] returned to town for some much needed rest. They each spent some time pursuing …

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    [[File:468681 | class=media-item-align-none | WelcometoSandpoint_zps55c9b928.png]]

  • Main Page

    [[Player Characters]] [[Calendar]] [[Events and Holidays]] [[Gods]] [[History]] [[Items]] [[Languages]] [[NPCs]] [[Organizations]] [[Points of Interest]] [[Races]] [[Towns and Areas]]

  • Swallowtail Festival

    The Swallowtail Release is a holiday in honor of the goddess [[Desna | Desna]], and is held annually on the first day of autumn. It serves to commemorate a legend in which an avatar of Desna fell to [[Golarion | Golarion]] after a fierce battle with the …

  • Gods

    [[Abadar]] [[Aroden]] (Deceased) [[Calistria]] [[Desna]] [[Erastil]] [[Gozreh]] [[Lamashtu]] [[Nethys]] [[Pharasma]] [[Rovagug]] [[Sarenrae]] [[Torag]] [[Zon-Kuthon]] [[Zarongel]]

  • Aroden

    [[File:469088 | class=media-item-align-none | 250px-Aroden_holy_symbol.jpg]] Aroden (pronounced AIR-oh-den) was the immortal Azlanti human who raised the [[Starstone]] from the bottom of the Inner Sea in [[1 AR]], founded the city of [[Absalom]], and …

  • Desna

    Desna (pronounced DEZ-nuh) was one of the first deities, but while her peers burdened themselves with the task of creating [[Golarion | Golarion]] she spent her time building the heavens. She's changed little since those earlier days, and she and her …

  • Lamashtu

    Lamashtu (pronounced lah-MAHSH-too) is the mother and patroness of many misshapen and malformed creatures that crawl, slither, or flap on, above, or below the surface of [[Golarion | Golarion]] Her unholy symbol is a three-eyed jackal head, which may be …

  • Torag

    [[File:468624 | class=media-item-align-none | 250px-Torag_holy_symbol.jpg]] Torag (pronounced TORR-awg) is a stoic and serious god who values honor, planning and well-made steel. He is an often distant deity, lending magical power to his clerics, but …

  • Items

    [[Dogslicer]] [[Earth breaker]] [[Hammer and Tongs]] Book [[Horsechopper]] [[Robe of Bones]] [[Starstone]]

  • History

    [[-5293 AR]] [[-4987 AR]] [[-4294 AR]] [[1 AR]] [[4606 AR]] [[4608 AR]] [[4667 AR]] [[4702 AR]] [[4707 AR]] [[Absalom Reckoning]] [[Age of Creation]] [[Age of Darkness]] [[Age of Enthronement]] [[Age of Lost Omens]] [[Azlant]] [[Earthfall]] …

  • Age of Lost Omens

    The Age of Lost Omens is one of the five major historical periods of [[Golarion | Golarion]], the beginnings and ends of which were marked by globally-significant events. It is the age in which we find ourselves today.

  • Late Unpleasantness

    The Late Unpleasantness, as the locals in [[Sandpoint | Sandpoint]] refer to it, was a series of violent and tragic events which shook the normally peaceful coastal town in the year [[4702 AR]] which included the murderous spree of [[Chopper | Chopper]], …

  • Sandpoint

    [[File:468681 | class=media-item-align-none | WelcometoSandpoint_zps55c9b928.png]] [[Sandpoint]] is a small coastal town in [[Varisia]]. It's mayor is [[Kendra Deverin]] who is a member of one of the four founding families. It's sheriff is [[Belor …

  • NPCs

    [[Abstalar Zantus]] [[Aldern Foxglove]] [[Alma Avertin]] [[Ameiko Kaijitsu]] [[Aneka]] [[Arika]] [[Ash Dancer | Ash Dancer]] [[Atsuii Kaijitsu]] (Deceased) [[Banny Harker]] (Deceased) [[Belor Hemlock]] [[Bessie]] [[Bethana Corwin]] [[Big …

  • Kendra Deverin

    [[File:468650 | class=media-item-align-none | Kendra_Deverin.jpg]] Kendra Deverin has served as [[Sandpoint | Sandpoint]]'s mayor since [[4702 AR]]. Lawmaker, judge, and general peacemaker, she has proven to be both an adept diplomat and stern hand …

  • Towns and Areas

    [[Absalom]] [[Arcadian Ocean]] [[Avistan]] [[Brinestump Marsh]] [[Churlwood]] [[Calphiak Mountains]] [[Cheliax]] [[Cinderlands]] [[Conqueror's Bay]] [[Darklands]] [[Eye of Abendego]] [[Fogscar Mountains]] [[Garund]] [[Golarion]] [[Inner Sea …

  • Absalom

    [[File:494004 | class=media-item-align-none | Absolam.jpg]] For more than 4,000 years, Absalom (pronounced AB-sah-lahm) has been the City at the Center of the World, a metropolis-sized showcase of the greatest treasures in all [[Golarion | Golarion]]. …

  • Avistan

    [[File:468663 | class=media-item-align-none | Avistan_Map.jpg]] [[Avistan | Avistan]] (pronounced AV-ihs-tan) is a continent on the world of [[Golarion | Golarion]]. One of the most heavily-settled areas on the planet, Avistan possesses as many varied …

  • Churlwood

    The Churlwood is a dense forest of impenetrable thickets located to the north of [[Varisia | Varisia]]'s [[Lost Coast | Lost Coast]], bordered by the [[Fogscar Mountains | Fogscar Mountains]]to the west and the Lampblack River to the east.

  • Calphiak Mountains

    The Calphiak Mountains are a range in western Varisia, bordering the [[Varisian Gulf | Varisian Gulf]]and the [[Steaming Sea | Steaming Sea]].

  • Cinderlands

    The burning plains of the [[Storval Plateau | Storval Plateau]] known as the Cinderlands are perhaps the most inhospitable location in all of [[Varisia | Varisia]]. This wasteland of ash and sand seems an unlikely place to find any life, but it is home to …

  • Eye of Abendego

    The Eye of Abendego (pronounced ah-BEN-deh-go) is a vicious, permanent hurricane located in the southern Arcadian Ocean.

  • Fogscar Mountains

    The Fogscar Mountains are a coastal range in central [[Varisia | Varisia]], bordered by the Varisian Gulf to the west and the [[Churlwood | Churlwood]] to the east. It is a wild region inhabited by countless bands of goblins who constantly fight amongst …

  • Golarion

    The name of the larger region where our adventures take place. !(media-item-align-none)//db4sgowjqfwig.cloudfront.net/assets/279592/800px-Golarion_world_map.jpg?1388780568(800px-Golarion_world_map.jpg)!

  • Kodar Mountains

    The Kodar Mountains, known to the [[Shoanti | Shoanti]] as the World's Roof, are among the highest mountain ranges in the Inner Sea region.

  • Korvosa

    Korvosa (pronounced kohr-VOH-sah) is the largest city in [[Varisia | Varisia]].

  • Lost Coast

    [[File:468654 | class=media-item-align-none | lost_coast.jpg]] The Lost Coast is the name given to the coastal land of south-western [[Varisia | Varisia]] stretching from the city of [[Magnimar | Magnimar]] to the Fogscar Mountains. It is a wild and …

  • Magnimar

    [[File:468669 | class=media-item-align-none | Magnimar_panorama.jpg]] The city of Magnimar (pronounced MAG-nih-mahr) stands as one of the two major city-states of southern [[Varisia]]. Founded by Korvosan dissenters in [[4608 AR]], the City of …

  • Mindspin Mountains

    The Mindspin Mountains are a range of mountains that begin on the [[Storval Plateau | Storval Plateau]] in eastern [[Varisia | Varisia]] and stretch south for several hundred miles before petering out north of the Menador Mountains.

  • Mushfens

    The Mushfens are a vast swamp on the southern coast of [[Varisia | Varisia]], and the largest marsh in all of [[Avistan | Avistan]]. Despite being located in close proximity to both the cities of [[Magnimar | Magnimar]] and [[Korvosa | Korvosa]], the …

  • Nettlewood

    The Nettlewood is a wild woodland along the [[Lost Coast | Lost Coast]] of southwestern [[Varisia | Varisia]] near [[Sandpoint | Sandpoint]].

  • Steaming Sea

    The Steaming Sea is the cold stretch of water which lies north-west of the continent of [[Avistan | Avistan]].

  • Storval Plateau

    The northeastern half of [[Varisia | Varisia]] is a landscape starkly contrasted to the rest of the region. Atop the thousand-foot-high Storval Rise rests the arid and desolate Storval Plateau. Much less populated and hospitable than the lush, fertile …

  • Storval Rise

    The Storval Rise is a cliff of immense proportions which stretches across the width of [[Varisia]], dividing it in two like an unavoidable facial scar. Reaching heights of over a thousand feet in the south, the Rise begins as low as only a few hundred …

  • Turandarok River

    The Turandarok River flows at a relatively slow pace through the [[Lost Coast | Lost Coast]] of southwestern [[Varisia | Varisia]], emptying into the Varisian Gulf at the town of [[Sandpoint | Sandpoint]].

  • Varisia

    [[File:468674 | class=media-item-align-none | varisiamap.jpg]] A country in the region known as [[Golarion | Golarion]]. [[Varisia | Varisia]] is a vast frontier region in the northwest of [[Avistan | Avistan]]. It stretches from the [[Steaming Sea | …

  • Varisian Gulf

    The Varisian Gulf is one of the most prominent features of the Varisian landscape, providing the border for most of the western edge of the land.

  • Points of Interest

    **Cheliax** [[Arch of Aroden]] **Sandpoint** [[Catacombs of Wrath | Catacombs of Wrath]] [[Deverin Manor]] [[Fatman's Feedbag | Fatman's Feedbag]] [[Goblin Squash Stables]] [[Habe's Sanitorium]] [[The Hagfish]] [[Junker's Edge]] [[Kaijitsu …

  • Goblin Squash Stables

    The Goblin Squash Stables stands in southern [[Sandpoint | Sandpoint]], not far from the bridge leading to the town from the [[Lost Coast | Lost Coast]] road. In addition to serving as a stables to the community the business is owned and operated by an …

  • The Hagfish

    The Hagfish is built on the western-most dock at the southern end of [[Sandpoint | Sandpoint]], along Water Street. It is one of the most popular taverns in the community, especially among fishermen and gamblers. The owner is a one-legged human named [[ …

  • Minkian

    A language originating on a continent far to the east of [[Avistan | Avistan]].

  • Varisian

    Varisian is the language of the native people of [[Varisia | Varisia]].

  • Organizations

    [[Birdcruncher Goblins | Birdcruncher Goblins]] [[Bonegrinder Goblin Tribe | Bonegrinder Goblin Tribe]] (Defunct) [[Licktoad Goblins | Licktoad Goblins]] [[Mosswood Goblins | Mosswood Goblins]] [[Pathfinder Society]] [[Quah | Quah]] [[Sczarni]] [[ …

  • Birdcruncher Goblins

    The small Birdcruncher goblin tribe lives in caves along the western edge of Devil's Platter. They are not particularly aggressive as far as goblins go. They snare wild birds to eat them raw.

  • Licktoad Goblins

    The Licktoad goblin tribe lives in [[Brinestump Marsh]]. They are excellent swimmers who like to search the marsh, in their free time, for little white toads. These toads, if swallowed, provoke intense visions and dreams. They are led by [[Gutwad …

  • Mosswood Goblins

    Named after the [[Mosswood Forest]] in which they make their home, the Mosswood Goblins are probably the largest goblin tribe in the area. Fortunately, they have always been held back by feuding within their own ranks over who should rule as chieftain. …

  • Pathfinder Society

    !(media-item-align-none)//db4sgowjqfwig.cloudfront.net/assets/286210/Pathfinder_Society_symbol_svg.png?1390254199(Pathfinder_Society_symbol_svg.png)! The Pathfinder Society is a globe-spanning organization based out of [[Absalom]], the world's largest …

  • Sczarni

    The Sczarni are a loose collection of Varisian crime families, operating primarily in the cities and towns of [[Varisia | Varisia]], but found wherever significant numbers of Varisians gather.

  • Seven Tooth Goblins

    The Seven Tooth is a tribe of goblins operating in Shank's Wood near [[Sandpoint | Sandpoint]] in [[Varisia | Varisia]]. They are surprisingly strong willed, and do not attack travelers in the woods, instead limiting their raids to Sandpoint's Junk Beach, …

  • Shoanti

    The Shoanti (pronounced show-AHN-tee) are a barbaric, often nomadic people native to the [[Storval Plateau | Storval Plateau]]. The Shoanti make up several tribes. Two of these tribes are the [[Shadde-Quah | Shadde-Quah]] (Axe Clan) and the [[Shriikirri- …

  • Shadde-Quah (Axe Clan)

    The Shadde-Quah make their home in the cliffs and vales of the [[Calphiak Mountains]] in western [[Varisia]]. Hardy, proud, sea-faring people, the Shadde-Quah are mistrustful of outsiders and tend to attack intruders on sight, if they are not of [[Shaonti …

  • Shriikirri Quah (Hawk Clan)

    The Shriikirri-Quah, of all the [[Shoanti | Shoanti]] tribes, possesses the strongest animal affinity. Ever learning from the beast with whom they share the land, the Hawk Clan is perhaps the most peaceful of the quahs, and they serve as the emissaries …

  • Thistletop Goblins

    The most powerful tribe in western [[Varisia | Varisia]], the Thistletop goblins take their name from the ruins they call home, and which allow them to maintain their powerful position. Led by Warchief [[Ripnuggett]], the tribe has long held the island …

  • Starstone

    The Starstone is a unique gem that was part of a massive meteorite that tumbled to [[Golarion]] in [[-5293 AR]]. This event, known as [[Earthfall]], caused the destruction of the ancient empires of [[Azlant]] and [[Thassilon]], created the [[Inner Sea]], …

  • -5293 AR

    A giant meteorite, now referred to as the Starstone, falls from the heavens, destroying the continent of [[Azlant]]. The event (known as [[Earthfall]]), reshapes the surface of [[Golarion]], creating the [[Inner Sea]], and plunging the world into the [[ …

  • Quest for Sky

    The Quest for Sky is the ancient dwarven migration to the surface of [[Golarion]] from their original homes in the [[Darklands]] realm of [[Nar-Voth]]. Their god [[Torag]] had given them a prophecy: when the ground shook beneath their feet, they must …

  • Darklands

    The Darklands are an immense series of caverns, vaults, and passages under the surface of [[Golarion]]. While entrances to the Darklands can be found throughout the world, it is not common for travellers to venture into the almost universally unsafe …

  • Nar Voth

    Nar-Voth (pronounced nar-VOTH) is the uppermost region of the [[Darklands]], loosely defined as descending from the surface of [[Golarion]] to a depth of about 2000 feet. This region consists of countless interconnected cave networks, some of which are …

  • Earthfall

    Earthfall is the name given to the cataclysmic event in which of a swarm of meteors impacted [[Golarion]] in [[-5293 AR]]. It resulted in the destruction of the human empires of [[Thassilon]] and [[Azlant]], which were consumed by earthquakes and massive …

  • Age of Darkness

    The Age of Darkness was a thousand-year period in which the sun's light was blocked by the ash knocked into the atmosphere by the meteoric impacts of [[Earthfall]]. It began with the impact of the [[Starstone]] in [[-5293 AR]] and lasted until the sun's …

  • -4294 AR

    The cloud of fine dust created by [[Earthfall]] that caused the [[Age of Darkness]] finally begins to lift. The people of [[Golarion]] again see the full light of the sun after its absence of nearly a thousand years.

  • Azlant

    Azlant (pronounced AZZ-lant) is a lost continent in the [[Arcadian Ocean]] that was the first center of human culture on [[Golarion]].

  • Arcadian Ocean

    The Arcadian Ocean is a large body of salt water on the planet [[Golarion]] that lies between the continents of [[Avistan]] and [[Garund]] on its eastern edge, and that of [[Arcadia]] to the west.

  • Thassilon

    The ancient empire of Thassilon (pronounced THAH-sih-lon) occupied most of western [[Avistan]] for over a millennium. While its power was great, struggles for control within the nation itself tore Thassilon apart.

  • Inner Sea

    The Inner Sea is one of the most heavily traveled and populated bodies of water in [[Golarion]]. Formed when the [[Starstone]] fell to earth in [[-5293 AR]], reshaping the face of the planet, the Inner Sea rests between [[Avistan]] and [[Garund]].

  • 4702 AR

    Dozens of citizens of the town of [[Sandpoint]] in [[Varisia]] are killed by a maniac named [[Chopper]]. These are related events are termed the [[Late Unpleasantness]] by locals. Notable deaths include the town's sheriff [[Casp Avertin]], noblewoman [[ …

  • Chopper

    In [[4702 AR]], amid the terrible time that would come to be known as the [[Late Unpleasantness]], the town's local serial killer, called Chopper took the life of the sheriff, [[Casp Avertin]], in a dark alley.

  • Belor Hemlock

    [[File:493569 | class=media-item-align-none | Belor_Hemlock.jpg]] Belor Hemlock is the sheriff of the Varisian town of [[Sandpoint]]. He replaced the previous sheriff, [[Casp Avertin]], who was killed by serial killer [[Chopper]] in [[4702 AR]]. …

  • Casp Avertin

    Casp Avertin was the sheriff of [[Sandpoint]] up until [[4702 AR]]. It was during the [[Late Unpleasantness]] in Sandpoint that Sheriff Avertin became the final murder victim of the notorious serial killer known as [[Chopper]]. Avertin's body was found, …

  • Garridan Viskalai

    [[File:493567 | class=media-item-align-none | Garridan_Viskalai.jpg]] Garridan Viskalai is the proprietor of the [[White Deer Inn]], located in the Varisian town of [[Sandpoint]]. He is proud of his [[Shoanti]] heritage and would love to return to the …

  • Shriikirri-Quah

    The Shriikirri-Quah, of all the [[Shoanti]] tribes, possesses the strongest animal affinity. Ever learning from the beast with whom they share the land, the Hawk Clan is perhaps the most peaceful of the quahs, and they serve as the emissaries between …

  • Shadde-Quah

    The Axe Clan The Shadde-Quah make their home in the cliffs and vales of the [[Calphiak Mountains]] in western [[Varisia]]. Hardy, proud, sea-faring people, the Shadde-Quah are mistrustful of outsiders and tend to attack intruders on sight, if they are …

  • Starfall Doctrine

    The Starfall Doctrine is a series of prophecies written in Azlanti that predicted that the god [[Aroden]] would return to [[Golarion]] in [[4606 AR]] and lead the human race in a millennium of prosperity known as the [[Age of Glory]]. He was supposed to …

  • 4606 AR

    Aroden's clerics are cut off from their god after storms wrack [[Golarion]] for three weeks on the eve of his prophesied return. The connection is never reestablished, [[Aroden]] is dead.

  • 1 AR

    [[Aroden]] raises the [[Starstone]] from the depths of the [[Inner Sea]] and becomes a god. The founding of [[Absalom]] is used as the beginning of the [[Absalom Reckoning]] calendar, and the first year in what historians name the [[Age of Enthronement …

  • Age of Enthronement

    The Age of Enthronement began with the founding of [[Absalom]], and its inception is also the starting point for the [[Absalom Reckoning]] dating system. The Age of Enthronement spans the years from [[1 AR]] until [[4606 AR]] when [[Aroden]], the god of …

  • Absalom Reckoning

    Absalom Reckoning or AR for short, is the most commonly used calendar in [[Avistan]]. In Absalom Reckoning the day of the month is always listed first, followed by the month and the year and generally followed by the letters AR. It takes its beginning …

  • Calendar

    Time travels on [[Golarion]] in the following way. Sixty seconds form a minute, sixty minutes create an hour, and twenty-four hours make a day. The people of Golarion measure time with seven days to a week and twelve months to a year that vary in length …

  • -4987 AR

    Dwarves complete their legendary [[Quest for Sky]], reaching the surface of [[Golarion]] for the first time.

  • Junker's Edge

    Junker’s Edge and, by extension, Junk Beach are the ultimate destinations for much of the garbage and unwanted items in the town of [[Sandpoint]]. !(media-item-align-none)//db4sgowjqfwig.cloudfront.net/assets/291257/Junk_Beach.jpg?1391319531(Junk_Beach …

  • The Old Light

    [[File:468998 | class=media-item-align-none | SandpointVista.jpg]] The Old Light is the most visible landmark of the western Varisian town of [[Sandpoint]]. It is believed to have been a lighthouse during the ancient Thassilonian empire, though much …

  • Red Dog Smithy

    The Red Dog Smithy is the lone smithery in the town of [[Sandpoint]], owned and operated by the foul-mannered [[Das Korvut]]. The building is located at the intersection of Festival and River Streets.

  • Rusty Dragon

    The Rusty Dragon is the oldest inn in [[Sandpoint]] and thanks to its owner and its ever-present "Help Wanted" board, one of the most popular and adventurer-friendly as well. Owned and operated by [[Ameiko Kaijitsu]] the inn can be found just past the …

  • Sandpoint Cathedral

    The current Sandpoint Cathedral is to be dedicated in the year [[4707 AR]]. Located in the town of [[Sandpoint]], this structure was built to replace a chapel that was destroyed by a fire five years earlier in a series of events that have become known as …

  • Sandpoint Glassworks

    Sandpoint Glassworks is one of the oldest industries in [[Sandpoint]], dating back to [[4665 AR]], when the Kaijitsu family was one of Sandpoint's co-founders who had organized in the [[Sandpoint Mercantile League]]. With methods learned and refined in …

  • Sandpoint Theater

    The Sandpoint Theater is one of the six largest buildings in the town of [[Sandpoint]], and is located at the intersection of Festival and Bishop Streets. Considered to be one of the most impressive venues in northern [[Varisia]], it regularly hosts both …

  • White Deer Inn

    The White Deer is an inn and tavern, and the northernmost building in the town of [[Sandpoint]]. Rebuilt after a building at the same location burned as part of the[[Late Unpleasantness]], in [[4702 AR]], this business is owned and primarily maintained by …

  • Brodert Quink

    [[File:469009 | class=media-item-align-none | Brodert_Quink.jpg]] Our Narrator. Brodert Quink is the resident sage of the town of [[Sandpoint]]. Though his intelligence and education are undeniable, many of his theories are regarded as little more …

  • Cheliax

    Infernal Cheliax (pronounced CHEL-ee-ax) is one of the most powerful nations militarily in the [[Inner Sea]] region. Its control of the [[Arch of Aroden]], the passage between the Inner Sea and the [[Arcadian Ocean]], also gives it a vital role in much of …

  • Arch of Aroden

    The Arch of Aroden is a monolithic arch hundreds of feet in height which stretches across the Hespereth Strait in far southwestern [[Cheliax]], linking the [[Inner Sea]] to the [[Arcadian Ocean]].

  • Mosswood Forest

    The Mosswood primarily consists of large redwoods, leaving more open space at ground level compared to the [[Nettlewood]]. It lies south of the Nettlewood (and the [[Lost Coast Road]]), just east of the [[Tors]]. Its main residents are the [[Mosswood …

  • Lost Coast Road

    The Lost Coast Road is a variably-maintained Varisian road which originates in the city of [[Magnimar]]: it exits the city at the gate on the border between the Alabaster and the Naos districts of the city. The road generally runs north along the coast, …

  • Cyrdak Drokkus

    [[File:493558 | class=media-item-align-none | Cyrdak_Drokkus__1_.jpg]] This flamboyant bard is the owner and sole financier of the [[Sandpoint Theater]]. Spoke at the [[Swallowtail Festival | Swallowtail Festival]] in place of [[Lonjiku Kaijitsu | …

  • Ameiko Kaijitsu

    [[File:469102 | class=media-item-align-none | SP-ameiko.png]] [[File:493554 | class=media-item-align-none | Ameiko.jpg]] Ameiko Kaijitsu is best known in the Varisian town of [[Sandpoint]] as the proprietor of the [[Rusty Dragon]], the most popular …

  • Abstalar Zantus

    [[File:493552 | class=media-item-align-none | Father_Abstalar_Zantus.jpg]] When the [[Sandpoint]] chapel burnt to the ground in [[4702 AR]], killing the town's priest, [[Ezakien Tobyn]], his position in the town was filled by his top acolyte, Abstalar …

  • Ezakien Tobyn

    [[File:469106 | class=media-item-align-none | Abstalar_Zantus.png]] Father Ezakien Tobyn was the religious leader in the Varisian town of [[Sandpoint]] until his death in [[4702 AR]]. The cleric of [[Desna]] died in the fire that destroyed the town …

  • Bethana Corwin

    Bethana Corwin is a timid, elderly halfling woman who works at The [[Rusty Dragon]] inn in the Varisian town of [[Sandpoint]], handling the maid services and room rentals. A long-time employee of the Rusty Dragon, Ameiko has been teaching her to read …

  • Alma Avertin

    [[File:493553 | class=media-item-align-none | Alma_Avertin.jpg]] Alma Avertin owns [[Sandpoint Savories]], but has delegated running the store to her twin daughters, [[Arika]] and [[Aneka]]. She has had a hard time adapting since her son, sheriff [[ …

  • Aneka

    [[File:493555 | class=media-item-align-none | Anika_Avertin.jpg]] Aneka Avertin runs [[Sandpoint Savories]] along with her sister [[Arika]]. Their mother, [[Alma Avertin]], all but gave up running the store when their brother, sheriff [[Casp Avertin …

  • Arika

    [[File:493557 | class=media-item-align-none | Arika_Avertin.jpg]] Arika Avertin runs [[Sandpoint Savories]] along with her sister [[Aneka]]. Their mother, [[Alma Avertin]], all but gave up running the store when their brother, sheriff [[Casp Avertin …

  • Sandpoint Savories

    The Sandpoint Savories is Sandpoint's bakery owned by the Avertin family. [[Alma Avertin]] is the owner of the shop. The twin daughters [[Arika]] and [[Aneka]] help [[Alma Avertin]] to run the business. Fresh bread was given to the party compliments …

  • Das Korvut

    [[File:493559 | class=media-item-align-none | Blacksmith.jpg]] Owner of the [[Red Dog Smithy]] in [[Sandpoint]]. Brokering an order for [[:trogdar | Trogdar]]. Thinking of branding his items to draw interest in his smithy.

  • Daviren Hosk

    Owns the [[Goblin Squash Stables]]. Hosk's hatred for goblins is well known among the inhabitants of Sandpoint, and the hunter does little to hide his feelings toward the creatures. Sold horses to [[Aldern Foxglove | Aldern Foxglove]] who then gifted …

  • Koruvus

    [[File:511548 | class=media-item-align-none | koruvus.jpg]] A goblin champion, missing, presumed dead. Is said to wield a magic sword sized for a human. Members of the [[Seven Tooth Goblins | Seven Tooth Goblins]] think he may be dead and have become …

  • 4608 AR

    Dissatisfied with the government's appeasement of the Chelish House of Thrune, thousands of Korvosans leave to found the Varisian city of [[Magnimar]]. The government is decided upon during the founding of Magnimar: an elected Lord-Mayor balanced by a …

  • Yondabakari River

    The Yondabakari River (pronounced yawn-da-ba-KAR-ee) is the longest and one of the most heavily traveled waterways in [[Varisia]]. It stretches from its source in the [[Mindspin Mountains]] all the way to the [[Varisian Gulf]], with its mouth serving as …

  • Riddleport

    Riddleport is the third-largest city in [[Varisia]] and its most northern port. The city is a haven for pirates and sea-faring brigands, who find themselves far to the north of the [[Arch of Aroden]].

  • Janderhoff

    Janderhoff is a dwarven [[Sky Citadel]] and settlement in southeastern Varisia's [[Mindspin Mountains]], north of [[Korvosa]] and south of the [[Cinderlands]]. It is a firm trading partner of Korvosa, and also retains good relations with the [[Shoanti]]. …

  • Sky Citadel

    Sky Citadels are mighty dwarven fortresses that can be found throughout [[Avistan]] and [[Garund]], the first to be built by the stout folk when they emerged onto the surface world during the [[Age of Darkness]].

  • Garund

    Garund (pronounced gah-ROOND) is a continent on [[Golarion]] located south of [[Avistan]], across the [[Inner Sea]].

  • Abadius

    First month of the year named for the god [[Abadar]] containing 31 days. Winter

  • Calistril

    Second month of the year named for the goddess [[Calistria]]. Contains 28 or 29 days (in a leap year which occurs every 8 years). Winter.

  • Pharast

    Third month of the year named for the goddess [[Pharasma]]. Contains 31 days. Winter.

  • Gozran

    Fourth month of the year named for the god/goddess [[Gozreh]]. Contains 30 days. Spring.

  • Desnus

    Fifth month of the year named for the goddess [[Desna]]. Contains 31 days. Spring.

  • Sarenith

    Sixth month of the year named for the goddess [[Sarenrae]]. Contains 30 days. Spring.

  • Erastus

    Seventh month of the year named for the god [[Erastil]]. Contains 31 days. Summer.

  • Arodus

    Eighth month of the year named for the god [[Aroden]] (Deceased). Contains 31 days. Summer.

  • Rova

    Ninth month of the year named for the god [[Rovagug]]. Contains 30 days. Summer. In the town of [[Sandpoint]], the citizens celebrate the [[Swallowtail Festival]] on 23 Rova each year.

  • Lamashan

    Tenth month of the year named for the goddess [[Lamashtu]]. Contains 31 days. Fall.

  • Neth

    Eleventh month of the year named for the god [[Nethys]]. Contains 30 days. Fall.

  • Kuthona

    Twelfth and final month of the year named for the god [[Zon-Kuthon]]. Contains 31 days. Fall.

  • Abadar

    Abadar (pronounced AH-bah-dar), the god of cities, law, merchants, and wealth, is known to be a patient deity.

  • Calistria

    Calistria (pronounced kah-LISS-tree-ah) is the goddess of lust and revenge who takes on many faces and guises.

  • Erastil

    Erastil (pronounced eh-RAS-til) is one of the oldest gods still worshiped in [[Avistan]]. His religion dates back to before the [[Age of Darkness]] when small farming communities and hunter-gatherers prayed to him for bountiful harvests and successful …

  • Gozreh

    Gozreh (pronounced GOHZ-ray) is a dualistic god of nature, a god of the storm and sky and also a goddess of the wave and surf. Born of the ocean's fury and the wind's wrath, Gozreh is a fickle deity.

  • Nethys

    Nethys (pronounced NETH-uhs) is a god who holds magic above all things. He gained enough power to witness all things, and this both fueled his divinity and shattered his mind. He is a god of magic, torn between destroying the world with one hand and …

  • Pharasma

    "The Lady of Graves", Pharasma, (pronounced fah-RAZ-mah) is the goddess who shepherds Golarion's recently-departed souls to their final reward.

  • Rovagug

    Imprisoned since the [[Age of Creation]], Rovagug (pronounced ROH-vah-gug) seeks only to destroy creation and the gods.

  • Sarenrae

    Known to her faithful as the Dawnflower, the Healing Flame, and the Everlight, Sarenrae (pronounced SAER-en-ray) teaches temperance and patience in all things. Compassion and peace are her greatest virtues, and if enemies of the faith can be redeemed, …

  • Zon-Kuthon

    Zon-Kuthon (pronounced ZONN-koo-THON) possesses one of the most twisted and evil minds in the multiverse. His position as god of pain is well earned, and he has been the root of countless tortures, murders, and worse throughout time.

  • Age of Creation

    The Age of Creation is a term used to describe the uncounted years of mythic time, beginning with the creation of [[Golarion]] and ending with the emergence of mortal races upon its face.

  • Dogslicer

    [[File:469331 | class=media-item-align-none | 180px-Dogslicer_item_card.jpg]] A dogslicer is an often curved, primitive bladed weapon used primarily by goblins. It is generally a short, single piece of crude iron or steel which is sharpened on one …

  • Horsechopper

    [[File:469333 | class=media-item-align-none | 180px-Horsechopper_item_card.jpg]] A distinctive weapon of the goblins of western [[Varisia]], a horsechopper is their name for a halberd. Like most goblin-made weapons (see [[Dogslicer]]), a horsechopper …

  • Hammer and Tongs

    Hammer and Tongs: The Forging of Metal and Other Good Works is the principle holy text of [[Torag]]. The book of Torag is bound in metal and its leather pages are lacquered with a fire resistant formula. This is due to the fact that the book is …

  • Gutwad Rendwattle

    [[File:469385 | class=media-item-align-none | Gutwad_Rendwattle.png]] Chief of the [[Licktoad Goblins | Licktoad Goblins]], known as “His Mighty Girthness”.

  • Jargie Quinn

    [[File:469388 | class=media-item-align-none | eeda3dd723f90a20d08367c98b790497.jpg]] Owner of the Hagfish Jargie Quinn is a gregarious one-legged man, and the owner of [[The Hagfish | The Hagfish]]. His affection toward [[Norah]] is well known, …

  • Norah

    [[File:469391 | class=media-item-align-none | the_hagfish.png]] The hagfish for which tavern earns its name.

  • Sandpoint Harbor

    Sandpoint Harbor is a natural harbor on the southern edge of [[Sandpoint]]. It separates the main part of town from the bluffs that contain the residences of Sandpoint's four founding families ([[Deverin Manor]], [[Kaijitsu Manor]], [[Scarnetti Manor]], …

  • Deverin Manor

    Deverin Manor is the largest manor house in the town of [[Sandpoint]]. The Deverin family was one of the town's founding families, and has traditionally served as leaders of the community.

  • Kaijitsu Manor

    Kaijitsu Manor may physically be the smallest of Sandpoint's noble houses, but due to the success of the founding family that lends the structure its name it also boasts the greatest displays of wealth. The home of the Kaijitsu family is situated atop the …

  • Scarnetti Manor

    The Scarnetti Manor is the home of one of Sandpoint's founding families. The Scarnetti family, led by [[Titus Scarnetti]], controls most part of Sandpoint's lumber industry as well as Sandpoint's mills, the [[Sandpoint Lumber Mill]] and the [[Scarnetti …

  • Valdemar Manor

    Located on a small peninsula overlooking [[Sandpoint Harbor]] is Valdemar Manor, the residence of the oldest remaining town founder [[Ethram Valdemar]]. The Valdemar family founded the town's shipbuilding industry, which continues strong to this day. It …

  • Ethram Valdemar

    Ethram Valdemar is the aging head of the Valdemar family and is the only original member of the [[Sandpoint Mercantile League]] still alive. He does not expect to live much longer; he has a lung infection that resists permanent curing.

  • Sandpoint Mercantile League

    The Sandpoint Mercantile League was a small business endeavor created in [[4667 AR]] in [[Magnimar]] by four powerful merchant families, all of whom had designs on settling the region where the small town of [[Sandpoint]] now stands. Rather than work …

  • 4667 AR

    The [[Sandpoint Mercantile League | Sandpoint Mercantile League]] was founded.

  • Lonjiku Kaijitsu

    Head of the Kaijitsu family. Owner of the [[Sandpoint Glassworks | Sandpoint Glassworks]]. Father of [[Ameiko Kaijitsu | Ameiko Kaijitsu]]. Came to the [[Rusty Dragon | Rusty Dragon]] and demanded his daughter leave town with him and head for [[ …

  • Niska Mvashti

    [[File:493562 | class=media-item-align-none | Madame_Mvashti.jpg]] Town elder and mystic Niska Mvashti gives new meaning to the term “elder.” Ancient even at Sandpoint‘s founding, Madame Mvashti is a Varisian historian and seer. Most of her …

  • Nualia Tobyn

    [[File:533764 | class=media-item-align-none | Nualia_Tobyn.jpg]] Nualia Tobyn was an aasimar foundling, raised by [[Ezakien Tobyn]], the head pastor for the Varisian town of [[Sandpoint]]. She was discovered to be the power behind the attack on …

  • Shalelu Andosana

    [[File:469418 | class=media-item-align-none | Shalelu.jpg]] Shalelu Andosana (pronounced sha-LEE-luu) is an elven warrior who makes her home in the wilds of central and western [[Varisia]]. Met the heroes at the [[Rusty Dragon | Rusty Dragon]] …

  • Titus Scarnetti

    [[File:568295 | class=media-item-align-none | titus_scarnetti_by_akeiron-d59tmk4.jpg]] Titus Scarnetti is the head of the noble Scarnetti family in the[[Varisian | Varisian]] town of [[Sandpoint]]. He controls all of Sandpoint's mills and lumber yards …

  • Aldern Foxglove

    [[File:469423 | class=media-item-align-none | pic_aldern2.jpg]] Young Scion of the Foxglove Family Aldern is a handsome man, with medium-length brown hair and fair skin. He can often be seen wearing fine clothes befitting the aristocracy of [[ …

  • Bessie

    [[File:515527 | class=media-item-align-none | bessie.jpg]] A pony purchased by [[Aldern Foxglove | Aldern Foxglove]] for [[:trogdar | Trogdar]].

  • Big Gugmut

    A tenacious goblin Chief of the [[Mosswood Goblins]], who claims descent from a hobgoblin and a wild boar.

  • Bruthazmus

    [[File:469424 | class=media-item-align-none | Bruthazmus.jpg]] Bruthazmus is a bugbear ranger known to raid the [[Lost Coast Road]] from the northeastern [[Nettlewood]]. He particularly hates elves and wears a necklace of elf ears. He frequently …

  • Chief Whartus

    Deceased former Chief of the now defunct [[Bonegrinder Goblin Tribe]]. His remains reside in a bottle inside the [[Goblin Squash Stables | Goblin Squash Stables]].

  • Chundo

    [[File:469426 | class=media-item-align-none | Fat_Boy.jpg]] A Pony. Ugly. Purchased by [[Aldern Foxglove | Aldern Foxglove]] for [[:dara | Dara]].

  • Daven

    Daven is a simple country farmer who is looking forward to participating the [[Swallowtail Festival | Swallowtail Festival]] archery competition.

  • Dugray

    [[File:469428 | class=media-item-align-none | ArcherSmall.jpg]] Isn’t he dandy? Dugray is slated to participate in the [[Swallowtail Festival | Swallowtail Festival]] archery competition. In his mind he is the best and should be clearly favored.

  • Erylium

    An insane [[Quasit]] who resided in the [[Catacombs of Wrath]]. Killed in battle with the heroes of [[Sandpoint | Sandpoint]].

  • Miles

    Miles is a member of the [[Sandpoint]] guard. He may participate in the [[Swallowtail Festival | Swallowtail Festival]] archery competition.

  • Mongo the Stableboy

    Mongo is a simple yet powerfully built stableboy. He seems to enjoy life with a constant silly giggle being the extent of his communication.

  • Nessie

    [[File:515528 | class=media-item-align-none | Nessie.jpg]] A horse.

  • Ripnuggett

    [[File:533775 | class=media-item-align-none | Ripnugget.jpg]] Leader of the [[Thistletop Goblins | Thistletop Goblins]]. Ripnuggett was very adept at riding his war gecko in combat but fell victim to the superior fighting ability of our heroes in …

  • Salty the Shipwright

    [[File:493564 | class=media-item-align-none | Das_Korvut.jpg]] Salty the Shipwright is an employee of the Sandpoint Shipyard. Filthy mouth.

  • Siloon

    [[File:493565 | class=media-item-align-none | Siloon.jpg]] Siloon is a young rogue from the [[Sandpoint Hinterlands]]. She is likely to attended the [[Swallowtail Festival | Swallowtail Festival]], she has recently made a questionable decision and …

  • Sven

    Sven will participate in the Swallowtail Festival archery competition. He placed second last year after a remarkable winning volley from an archer named Brennen.

  • Vorka

    [[File:469429 | class=media-item-align-none | vorka.png]] A cannibal goblin of the [[Brinestump Marsh]].

  • Willy

    A pony purchased at the [[Goblin Squash Stables | Goblin Squash Stables]] by [[Aldern Foxglove | Aldern Foxglove]] for [[:dara | Dara]].

  • Morkab

    A childhood friend and compatriot of [[:tarbat-winter-bear | Tarbat Winter Bear]]. Reportedly banished, along with his father from the [[Shriikirri-Quah | Shriikirri-Quah]] and roaming the wilds of [[Varisia | Varisia]].

  • Losha

    [[File:474704 | class=media-item-align-none | losha.jpg]] A horse belonging to [[:tarbat-winter-bear | Tarbat Winter Bear]].

  • Sklar-Quah

    By far the most xenophobic of the [[Shoanti]] clans, the fierce members of the Sklar-Quah are almost constantly at war. Whether they fend off the orcs from [[Belkzen]] or the Chelish invaders of the south, the Sun Clan has learned to use the heat and fire …

  • Belkzen

    Belkzen is an unforgiving wasteland filled with shrub brush, steep mountains, and uneven badlands, where water is scarce and generally limited to the seasonal Flood Road.

  • Tshamek

    A [[Shoanti]] term meaning "outsider", tshamek insinuates the worst meaning of the word. It is thought that all of these outsiders bring with them the actions of the Chelaxians that pushed the Shoanti from their ancestral lands of southern [[Varisia]].

  • Ash Dancer

    [[File:474710 | class=media-item-align-none | Ash_Dancer.jpg]] Shaman of the [[Shriikirri Quah (Hawk Clan) | Shriikirri Quah (Hawk Clan)]].

  • Player Characters

    [[:dara | Dara]] [[:elomir | Elomir]] [[:phandel-1 | Phandel]] [[:tarbat-winter-bear | Tarbat Winter Bear]] [[:trogdar | Trogdar]]

  • Earth breaker

    [[File:474795 | class=media-item-align-none | earth_breaker.jpg]] The earth breaker is a 14-pound hammer brought into battle by the [[Shoanti]] tribes of [[Varisia]]. It is swung with two hands, and the power generated is channeled into the blunted …

  • Dwarven

    Dwarven is a clipped language of hard consonants and guttural pronunciation.

  • Gnome

    In terms of the sheer number of words in its vocabulary, Gnome is the largest language known. It has changed dramatically since it was first introduced to [[Golarion]], a process which has by no means halted.

  • Taldane

    This language has spread to become the Common speech of the entire [[Inner Sea]] region.

  • Jubrayl Vishki

    [[File:493561 | class=media-item-align-none | Jubrayl.png]] [[Jubrayl Vishki]] spends most of his time in the [[Fatman's Feedbag]]. He is rumored to be many things. None of them good.

  • Fatman's Feedbag

    The Fatman's Feedbag, run by [[Gressel Tenniwar]] is one of the most noisome and troubling taverns in the town of [[Sandpoint]]. Located along the community's southern docks, the Feedbag is known for regular brawls and the resulting visits by the town's …

  • Gressel Tenniwar

    This large man is the operator of the [[Fatman's Feedbag]], and can often be found running the establishment.

  • Turandarok Acadamy

    Turandarok Academy is a large building in the southern end of [[Sandpoint | Sandpoint]], at the corner of Main and Water Streets. Opened originally by the founders of Sandpoint not long after families began arriving, it has educated many of the town's …

  • Ilsoari Gandethus

    [[File:493996 | class=media-item-align-none | Ilsoari_Gandethus.jpg]] When the town of [[Sandpoint]] founded the [[Turandarok Acadamy | Turandarok Acadamy]], a retired adventurer named Ilsoari Gandethus volunteered to be the school and …

  • Kaye Tesarani

    [[File:494353 | class=media-item-align-none | Kaye_Tesarani.jpg]] Kaye Tesarani runs Sandpoint's brothel, [[The Pixie's Kitten]].

  • The Pixie's Kitten

    Located on the corner of Salmon Street and Razor Street in [[Sandpoint | Sandpoint]], the Pixie's Kitten is the town's brothel. Owned and run by [[Kaye Tesarani | Kaye Tesarani]], it is generally a distinguished and well-run establishment which offers …

  • Minkaian

    The native language of an eastern land called [[Minkai]]. Native tongue of [[Lonjiku Kaijitsu | Lonjiku Kaijitsu]] and his daughter [[Ameiko Kaijitsu | Ameiko Kaijitsu]].

  • Minkai

    A country on the far eastern continent of the world of [[Golarion | Golarion]].

  • Ted

    Member of the town guard of [[Sandpoint | Sandpoint]]. Full name Theologus. Sent to get the heroes after a disturbance at the [[Sandpoint Boneyard]].

  • Sandpoint Boneyard

    The Sandpoint Boneyard stands in the town of [[Sandpoint | Sandpoint]], situated between the new [[Sandpoint Cathedral | Sandpoint Cathedral]] and the [[Turandarok River | Turandarok River]]. Most grave sites are denoted by simple stone markers, though a …

  • Tickwood

    Small wood east of [[Sandpoint | Sandpoint]] where the heroes first tracked a suspected grave robber, then went on a successful boar hunt with [[Aldern Foxglove | Aldern Foxglove]].

  • Brinestump Marsh

    A marshland southwest of [[Sandpoint | Sandpoint]] where the [[Licktoad Goblins | Licktoad Goblins]] live.

  • Three Cormorants

    The Three Cormorants are small sea stacks off the coast east of [[Sandpoint | Sandpoint]]. These islets have forests of eucalyptus and cypress trees.

  • Thistletop

    The island of Thistletop sits in the [[Varisian Gulf]] off the coast of the [[Nettlewood]].

  • Tsuto Kaijitsu

    [[File:503093 | class=media-item-align-none | Tsuto-Kaijitsu.jpg]] Brother of [[Ameiko Kaijitsu | Ameiko Kaijitsu]]. Led the Goblin [[Attack On Sandpoint | Attack On Sandpoint]]. Killed his father [[Lonjiku Kaijitsu | Lonjiku Kaijitsu]] at the …

  • Robe of Bones

    A magical robe adorned with small embroideries of skeletons that can be detached to become an actual skeleton.

  • Larz Rovanky

    [[File:503104 | class=media-item-align-none | Lars_Rovanky.jpg]] Larz Rovanky is the proprietor of [[Rovanky Tannery]] in [[Sandpoint | Sandpoint]]. He is a perfectionist, often temporarily firing his help and working long hours himself. …

  • Rovanky Tannery

    [[File:503109 | class=media-item-align-none | tannery.png]] The Rovanky Tannery can be found on the eastern edge of [[Sandpoint | Sandpoint]] on Undercliff Way, on the banks of the [[Turandarok River | Turandarok River]]. Owned and operated by the …

  • Tsuto's Journal

    [[File:503111 | class=media-item-align-none | journalq.jpg]] Found in the basement of the [[Sandpoint Glassworks | Sandpoint Glassworks]] after the battle with [[Tsuto Kaijitsu | Tsuto Kaijitsu]].

  • Catacombs of Wrath

    A complex of halls and rooms below the [[Sandpoint Glassworks | Sandpoint Glassworks]]. It housed a number or creatures and was the domain of [[Erylium | Erylium]] until her death at the hands of the heroes of [[Sandpoint | Sandpoint]].

  • Smudge

    [[File:519452 | class=media-item-align-none | Northwest_Crow-2-M.jpg]] The crow companion and familiar of [[:phandel-1 | Phandel]].

  • Clementine

    [[File:519464 | class=media-item-align-none | Clementine.jpg]] A pony owned by [[:elomir | Elomir]].

  • Lyrie Akenja

    [[File:533839 | class=media-item-align-none | lyrie3-p.jpg]] A young wizard apparently caught in a love triangle between [[Tsuto Kaijitsu | Tsuto Kaijitsu]] whom she loves and [[:orik | Orik]] who loves her. When faced with insurmountable odds and …

  • Malfeshnekor

    [[File:543307 | class=media-item-align-none | Malfeshnekor.jpg]] Malfeshnekor was a greater Barghest encountered in the dungeons of [[Thistletop | Thistletop]]. He was slain after a very bloody and dangerous fight. His pelt now warms [[:tarbat-winter- …

  • Guthwar Winter-Bear

    Father of [[:tarbat-winter-bear | Tarbat Winter Bear]]. A barbarian ranger with great skill in crafting weapons and armor for his [[Quah]]. Searched out his son in the town of [[Sandpoint | Sandpoint]].

  • Quah

    Despite their common heritage, the seven tribes (or "quahs" in their native tongue) of the [[Shoanti | Shoanti]] are quite different from one another in terms of traditions, beliefs, and overall world-views. In most cases, loyalty to one's tribe is …

  • Shadowmist

    [[File:543308 | class=media-item-align-none | shadowmist.jpg]] Fine warhorse rescued by our heroes in the stockade atop [[Thistletop | Thistletop]].

  • Banny Harker

    Banny Harker was a young man who lived in the Varisian town of [[Sandpoint | Sandpoint]], along the [[Lost Coast | Lost Coast]]. He worked with his partner, [[Ibor Thorn | Ibor Thorn]], in the [[Sandpoint Lumber Mill | Sandpoint Lumber Mill]], until he ( …

  • Chod Bevuk

    [[File:555367 | class=media-item-align-none | chod_bevuk.jpg]] Chod Bevuk is the local butcher in [[Sandpoint | Sandpoint]]. He runs the [[Sandpoint Meat Market | Sandpoint Meat Market]].

  • Sandpoint Meat Market

    The Sandpoint Meat Market can be found facing the market square, between Mud Street and Market Street, and across from the [[Sandpoint Harbor | Sandpoint Harbor]]. Run by the butcher [[Chod Bevuk | Chod Bevuk]], the building is divided into a storefront …

  • Ibor Thorn

    [[File:555356 | class=media-item-align-none | Ibor_Thorne.jpg]] Ibor Thorn is the sole operator of the [[Sandpoint Lumber Mill | Sandpoint Lumber Mill]] since the murder of his partner [[Banny Harker | Banny Harker]]. Thorn was the person to find the …

  • Sandpoint Lumber Mill

    The Sandpoint Lumber Mill is located on River Street on the banks of the [[Turandarok River | Turandarok River]] in the town of [[Sandpoint | Sandpoint]]. It is owned by the wealthy Scarnetti family who controls Sandpoint's lumber industry, and was one of …

  • Katrine Vinder

    [[File:555354 | class=media-item-align-none | Katrine_Vinder.png]] Katrine Vinder, daughter of Ven, was murdered at the [[Sandpoint Lumber Mill | Sandpoint Lumber Mill]] when arriving for a late-night tryst with her lover, [[Banny Harker | Banny …

  • Naffer Vosk

    [[File:555363 | class=media-item-align-none | Naffer_Vosk.jpg]] The caretaker of the [[Sandpoint Boneyard | Sandpoint Boneyard]], Naffer Vosk, is a deformed middle aged man with a twisted spine and lurching gait. While tending the cemetery, Vosk …

  • Gortus

    [[Tiefling]] in the employ of [[Erin Habe]] as an orderly at [[Habe's Sanitorium]]. Brother of [[Gurnak]]. Knocked out during a fight between the heroes and [[Grayst Sevilla]].

  • Erin Habe

    Erin Habe is the doctor who built and practices in [[Habe's Sanitorium]] south of [[Sandpoint | Sandpoint]]. Habe dislikes visitors as he is nervous his experimentation and his disposal method of dead patients will be discovered.

  • Habe's Sanitorium

    Habe's Sanatorium, formally known as the Saintly Haven of Respite, is south of [[Sandpoint | Sandpoint]] along Cougar Creek near the Ashen Rise.

  • Gurnak

    [[Tiefling | Tiefling]] in the employ of [[Erin Habe | Erin Habe]] as an orderly at [[Habe's Sanitorium | Habe's Sanitorium]]. Brother of [[Gortus | Gortus]]. Knocked out during a fight between the heroes and Grayst Sevilla

  • Tiefling

    [[File:568296 | class=media-item-align-none | 500px-Tiefling2.png]] Tieflings are planetouched creatures native to [[Golarion | Golarion]] who are mostly human, yet with the blood of demons, devils, or other evil outsiders in their veins. Also known …

  • Grayst Sevilla

    Grayst Sevilla was a [[Varisian | Varisian]] thug from [[Sandpoint | Sandpoint]] who was being held in [[Habe's Sanitorium | Habe's Sanitorium]]. He was apprehended and is suspected in the brutal murders of three known con men ([[Tarch Mortwell]], [[Lener …

  • Gedwin Tabe

    Gedwin Tabe was a swindler and con man operating near [[Sandpoint | Sandpoint]]. He and his partners, [[Lener Hask]] and [[Tarch Mortwell]], were lured to an abandoned barn near Cougar Creek then murdered.

  • Lener Hask

    Lener Hask was a swindler and con man operating near [[Sandpoint | Sandpoint]]. He and his partners, [[Tarch Mortwell]] and [[Gedwin Tabe | Gedwin Tabe]], were lured to an abandoned barn near Cougar Creek, then murdered.

  • Tarch Mortwell

    Tarch Mortwell was a swindler and con man operating near [[Sandpoint | Sandpoint]]. He and his partners, [[Lener Hask | Lener Hask]] and [[Gedwin Tabe | Gedwin Tabe]], were lured to an abandoned barn near Cougar Creek, then murdered

  • Harsky

    A member of the [[Sandpoint | Sandpoint]] town guard. Partner to [[Stuch]]. Hardened and confident in his skills as a master interrogator.

  • Stuch

    A member of the [[Sandpoint | Sandpoint]] town guard. Partner to [[Harsky | Harsky]]. Confident that his "hunches" are always right on the money!

  • Maester Grump

    [[File:568300 | class=media-item-align-none | Maester_Grump.jpg]] Maester Grump owns a farm in the southern part of the Sandpoint Farmlands. He is a nice, though gruff fellow, who has a tremendous fondness for the delicious mead that he makes from …

  • Toby

    [[File:568305 | class=media-item-align-none | Town_Guard.jpg]] Seemingly competent member of the town guard in [[Sandpoint | Sandpoint]]. Was found sleeping though at a murder scene he was left to watch over.

  • Zerren

    A necromancer who has a laboratory in the basement of [[Habe's Sanitorium | Habe's Sanitorium]]. Defeated in battle and taken into custody. Delivered to the Sandpoint Jail.

  • Willen

    [[File:589808 | class=media-item-align-none | Willen.jpg]] Former stableboy, now personal servant of [[:elomir | Elomir]].

  • Justice Ironbriar

    A justice in the city of [[Magnimar | Magnimar]]. [[Zerren | Zerren]] was brought before him by the heroes at the behest of [[Belor Hemlock | Belor Hemlock]]. He thanked them for their help with the murders in [[Sandpoint | Sandpoint]].

  • Tarbat Winter Bear

    Tarbat’s mother died when he was 6 years old. His father was an outrider for the tribe and as such, was often out and about. Due to the social structure of the tribe, Tarbat did not have to worry about going hungry or sleeping in the cold. The women …

  • Phandel

    Born to a Varisian mother and a Keleshite father. Phandel's mother was a traveling fortune teller that was taking passage with a caravan that his future father was leading. The two tried to stay together for two years, but the firery passion that brought …

  • Orik

    Orik Vancaskerkin, a not-so-lucky professional soldier, landed himself into some trouble in his hometown of [[Riddleport | Riddleport]] and was forced to leave town, never to return. On his journeys, he encountered a small bandit group and became a hired …

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