Rise of the Runelords

Tarbat kills the demon woman
with help

Tarbat barely felt the cut across his stomach that goblin left as it rode by on it’s gecko. He felt the anger rising within and spun about, swinging his earthbreaker over head, the forces of his body spinning and the weight of the hammer rising over head meeting in the center of his torso. Years of practice making the maneuver second nature. The spiked side of the hammer hit squarely in the middle of the big gecko’s head, gore splatters everywhere and the slimy mount collapses beneath the goblin.

Tarbat grins savagely. This gobin won’t be getting away. His companions and he continue fighting the goblin leader and it quickly falls.

Tarbat lets the rage slip away and feels his body grow heavy for a few moments as he adjusts to not being fueled by anger.
He smiles at his companions and thumps Orrick on the back. “Good fight everybody. Good fight!”
The others search the dead for loot, except for Elomir, who seems to be have wounded his arm in the fight. Trogdar and his hill people god will fix it.
Tarbat eyes the other doors, the post-anger lassitude faded, and readies himself for more enemies.

The party heads back through the temple to find the way down into the demon woman’s lair. After several unoccupied rooms Tarbat opens a door to find a table laid across the entrance and is shot in the arm with an arrow. He pulls it out and says ‘That was a mistake’.

Orrick and he push the table out of the way and Tarbat charges in and explores the space with his earthshaker. His companions follow behind and quickly the monk is dead and the female mage faces them, crying her companion’s name and pointing a wand at Orrick.

With a sob she turns the wand to her own head and kills herself.
Tarbat can tell that Orrick is shaken by this and gives him a gruff yet companionable punch to the arm.
After the others finish looting again, they venture through the secret door that was partially open. Steps lead down and so the group goes.

The area below seems to be part of a much older complex. The floor is buckled and tilted as if from an upheaval of the earth itself. Tarbat shudders at the thought of what magic could have caused this.
They come to a spot in the hall where the floor is not covered in debris and dust and two statues holding polearms are in niches in the wall on either side.

Trogdar is sure this is a trap of some sort. Tarbat leaps across easily and continues on. His companions do not follow…. It appears their legs are too weak to propel them across the small section of hallway, so Tarbat leaps back across and Orrick and he each grab a side of the dwarf and toss him across.

From a door down the hall Tarbat hears an evil giggle! Again his mighty thews bunch below him and he leaps across the very short and easily-leapable section of hallway. He dashes up the hall and stands before the door, hammer ready.
Behind him his companions build some sort of bewildering rope contraption to get the others across the trapped portion of the hallway. Somehow, despite this, Orrick sets off the trap. Two portcullises fall down on either side fo him, blocking him within the hall. Then the figures in their niches chop into him repeatedly with their polearms. Then the floor hinges open and drops his apparently dead body into the depths.

Trogdar would like to go and help Orrick but first the demon woman must be dealt with.

He opens the door and in the large chamber within is the demon woman. Her beauty is incredible, except for her arm, which is a twisted and scaly abomination.

She waves her hand and summons another cursed flying fear hound! Aaargh!

The beast let lose it’s howl and much to his disgust, the creature’s magic turns Trodgar’s bowels to liquid. He drops his hammer and flees back down the hallway, gibbering and panicked, but not so panicked that he doesn’t easily leap over the very short section of trapped hallway.

Behind him most of his companions also flee, though later Tarbat finds out that the stalwart halfling, Dara, held his ground and killed the howling hound with one shot of his crossbow.

As Tarbat is running he hears Trogdar call out to his god and then a wave of magical energy seems to pass through Tarbat, washing away the fear he felt.

He quickly turns around and races back towards the demon woman.

She has moved out of the room and is following his friends down the hall, waves of dark energy pulsate out of her, striking the others and causing them to cry out in pain.

Tarbat runs toward her, dodging at the last moment to tumble past her. She swings wildly at him with the black sword she wields but misses and then Tarbat is back in the room and scoops up his hammer.

Back into the hallway to fight the demon woman. Tarbat sees that Elomir has fallen and as he watches in horror he sees Trogdar attempt to leap the trapped portion of the hallway, only to fall into the trap and down into the pit.

After a few solid hits with his earthbreaker the demon woman flees. Tarbat follows and catches her with another blow to her spine, bringing her down. He quickly smashes her head with the hammer to be sure she is dead.

A lever on the wall of the room opens the pit trap and below both Orrick and Trogdar are alive and they climb out of the trap.

Trogdar calls upon his god and revives Elomir. The party gather up what loot they can and set up a camp for a well deserved rest.

To Thistletop

6 Lamashan 4707 AR

The group, having just finished clearing out the catacombs beneath the Sandpoint Glassworks returned to town for some much needed rest. They each spent some time pursuing interests separately while letting plans for what to do next marinate in their minds.

Dara has been performing nightly at the Sandpoint Theater.

Phandel has begun putting together the resources for the building of a magic shop.

Trogdar has looked into having a shrine to Torag constructed in the Sandpoint Cathedral.

Elomir has been busy studying the mysteries arcane.

Tarbat Winter Bear is contemplating traveling to his homeland to get some magic warding tattoos.

After four days of downtime in Sandpoint the heroes decide it is time to take the fight to the goblins themselves at their lair in Thistletop.

They visit the Goblin Squash Stables and their acquaintance Daviren Hosk to get their mounts.

They head out to Thistletop and scout about the land and the air above through Phande’s crow familiar Smudge. Seeing that there was a thick briar maze and a wood and rope bridge they would have to traverse to go by land, they spotted a cave in the cliff side of the island about 50 feet from the surf. They decided to head back to town and hire a small boat to take them there.

After a quick talk with Salty the Shipwright they hired a boat and headed for Thistletop. The boat let them off in a dingy manned by a sailor and they approached the island. They had a bit of trouble scaling the sheer cliff to reach the cave entrance with Phandel falling ignominiously into the waves. After fishing him out Tarbat was able to scale the wall and secure a rope to assist in getting the party into the cave safely. The dingy and sailor that had risked the surging waves below headed back to the boat that brought them.

The cave they have entered is split into a couple areas devided by hanging vines that form a sort of curtain. When one of the party looks through the vines, they inciting the wrath of the creature that calls this place home. A dark blue creature with a conical body covered in angry red eyes and numerous tentacles, two of which are longer than the rest. They battle this disgusting abomination to the death incurring injury in the process.

Just past this cave they find a passage leading to carved halls that they follow deeper inside the island.

At an intersection, choose double doors, enter cathedral and manage to defeat Yeth Hounds. During the battle the hounds let out terrible bays that were loud enough to shake the walls. Surely anyone on this level of the complex that wasn’t behind a few doors would have heard that.

Take side passage out of cathedral, head down some stairs and find a torture chamber/jail where they see a person in one of the cells that turns out to be a badly beaten Dara. Finding the key to his cell they decide to leave him there a bit longer and explore further.

Taking another exit they come upon a room of many doors. Choosing one they are surprised and a little sickend by what they find. A large bugbear and four female goblins in the throes of passion who are none to pleased to be interrupted. They immediately initiate a fight. Trogdar’s hatred of goblin kin comes to the fore as the cleric lays waste to multiple enemies. Eventually, with only one goblin remaining, Elomir takes hold of the raging dwarf and stays his hand. They interrogate the goblin for information about the denizens of this complex and let her live.

Local Heroes

23 Rova 4707 AR

After the attack on Sandpoint during the Swallowtail Festival, the newly minted “Heroes of Sandpoint” were looking for a suitable place to wind down. Settling in at the Rusty Dragon, they soon found themselves garnering much attention. From free food and lodging from the owner Ameiko Kaijitsu, to the attention of some of the more forward locals, the group was clearly the center of attention.

They were approached at breakfast by a town guardsman named Ted. He asked that they come to the Sandpoint Cathedral immediately to assist the sheriff with a problem related to the prior day’s attack.

Investigating a crypt in the boneyard that had apparently been broken into they encountered animated skeletons who attacked the party. After defeating the terrors they searched for clues inside. They found a spent Robe of Bones and an empty casket that formerly contained the remains of the previous town priest Ezakien Tobyn. Outisde the crypt they followed the tracks of goblins and a humanoid who had headed to the wall where they found a toppled ladder. The trail grew colder outside of town where the tracks split up. They followed the humanoid tracks towards the coast but lost the trail on the beach. Finding nothing more of use they headed back to town. On he way back to the Rusty Dragon, Phandel was approached on the street by Alma Avertin who thrust a warm loaf of bread into his hands in payment for the groups bravery. Seeing this, Tarbat entered the Sandpoint Savories for some bread of his own. While there he med the woman’s lovely daughters Arika and Aneka.

Aldern Foxglove made good on his promise to reward them properly with gold and the offer of accompanying him on a boar hunt. Most of the group went with him and were successful, procuring a fine specimen that they would later have prepared for a sumptuous dinner back at the Dragon.

Phandel, who had refrained from the hunt stayed behind in town to attend to a few orders of business, such as having a few bandoliers crafted by the local leather smith and finding time scribe a scroll.

At dinner that evening with Aldern they were joined for a time by the mayor Kendra Deverin, Sheriff Belor Hemlock, and Elf named Shalelu Andosana. They were thanked again by the mayor, asked to keep a strong presence in town while the Sheriff went to Magnimar for reinforcements and educated on the details of the local goblin tribes by the elven ranger.

After this meeting they were then privy to a rather uncomfortable encounter with Ameiko’s father. Just as the boar was being served a angry figure burst into the Dragon. A man who had the bearing of a noble, but the disposition of a mad dog, came into the bar screaming in a language unfamiliar to the provincial clientele. Eventually a he reverted to the common tongue, “Where is my daughter?!”

The usually calm and even tempered Bethana Corwin, reacted with a little yelp and ran to get her employer, her little Halfling legs doing all they could to expedite her escape from the startling scene.

Ameiko emerged from the kitchen looking perturbed and a little dumbfounded to see her father in such a state. Lonjiku Kaijitsu was an elderly man of whose countenance spoke of fear and determination. He argued with his daughter loudly in the center of the Rusty Dragon, a space slowly growing around them as patrons backed away from the pair. After a time they switched to the common that Ameiko was speaking and the fight ended with Lonjiku grabbing his daughter by the arm violently and insisting that they would be “leaving now! to Magnimar!” Ameiko stated ardently that she was content remaining in Sandpoint with her business and her friends which and struck him with her ladle all covered in the stew she had been preparing. Aghast, he released her, straightened his clothing and turned to go. As he left the establishment he called out one last terrible indiginity, “You are as dead to me as your mother!” With that he left the inn, slamming the door behind him. Ameiko apologized for such an unseemly display and went to her kitchen on the brink of tears. The rest of the evening passed in somber silence as the group reflected on such an eventful day.

Early the next morning Tarbat Winter Bear was approached by a desperate and breathless Bethana. He was told that Ameiko was nowhere to be found! She handed him a letter written in a strange language that she had translated on the reverse side. It was a letter apparently from her brother Tsuto Kaijitsu asking her to meet him at the Sandpoint Glassworks at midnight and stated that their father may have had something to do with the Goblin attack.

Straightaway the group decided to check out the large building on the coastal side of town. They found the building locked but apparently with the forge in use as smoke billowed from the chimney. After breaking down one of the doors and finding an empty safe with the door left open the proceeded to the inner workings where they encountered a group of goblins smashing glass and generally destroying the place while dripping globs of molten glass on the corpses of the hapless workers that lie all around.

The heroes were triumphant in the ensuing battle, but during the search for clues as to what had led to this situation, they found the body of Lonjiku Kaijitsu propped up in a chair in an alcove covered in a casing of cooling glass. They now knew that the brother was the real danger to his sister and the town.

Exploring the basement below the Glassworks they found Tsuto in one of the rooms below ready for them. The group fought Tsuto to a standstill and unfortunately his great agility led him to escape. Left behind was Tsuto’s Journal with plenty of good information. They found Ameiko locked in a room and freed her from her bonds. They broke the news to her about her father and saw her safely back to the Rusty Dragon where she is now recuperating. She offered them free room and board for life for their bravery.

Attack On Sandpoint

22 Rova 4707 AR

Five individuals seek their destiny in the small town of Sandpoint. A Dwarven Cleric from Janderhoff looking to extend relations and the influence of his god Torag. A Gnome Bard traveling with the cleric seeking a new beginning outside of his home in Whistledown for the first time. A mysterious Human Rogue from parts unknown seeking her fortune or something more dangerous perhaps? A Wizard and his crow familiar seeking knowledge of the ancient and arcane. A Shoanti warrior seeking redemption.

They found themselves thrust together as the annual Swallowtail Festival was disrupted by a vicious and deadly Goblin attack. The heroes acquitted themselves well in the opening skirmish, but the second attack was more dangerous by far.

Finding a young noble being terrorized by the north gate of town they fought valiantly in a back and forth battle. One side would cede the upper hand to the other as the moments flew by in fury and bloodshed. Finally, after defeating the second wave of goblins they were thanked profusely by the noble, Aldern Foxglove and offered the chance to accompany him on a boar hunt the next day. Whether or not they take him up on his offer he promised them he would reward them in coin nevertheless.

On their way back into the heart of town they began to experience the warmth and thanks of the townsfolk. They were thanked personally by Sheriff Belor Hemlock, offered to stay free at the Rusty Dragon by Ameiko Kaijitsu, and were told by a town representative if they needed anything to seek out the mayor.

Back at the Rusty Dragon they were relaxing the next morning. After a day filled with harrowing adventure they were simply looking settle in a bit in their new surroundings. When a breathless guard approached their table and pleaded with them to meet with the Sheriff at the new Sandpoint Cathedral where there was a disturbance possibly related to the festival raid the day before they all looked at each other knowing that their story had only begun…

The town of Sandpoint...
The Cradle of Adventure


Sandpoint is known as the ‘Light of the Lost Coast’ and is a small town in south-western Varisia under the influence of the city of Magnimar to its south. Sandpoint remains the only place of note along the Lost Coast, but it has grown considerably in the past few years and is now Varisia’s sixth-largest settlement; nevertheless, it still maintains the air of a sleepy fishing town. Sandpoint is most famous for the arts: particularly theatre and high quality glass-blowing.


Though Sandpoint is a relatively new settlement, it has had its fair share of notable events in its short history. From the violent nature of its founding to the Late Unpleasantness of 4702 AR, this quaint town is no stranger to the same (if not worse) terrors that plague larger, more dangerous cities.


While technically a holding of Magnimar, Sandpoint’s isolated nature provides a sizeable amount of independence. The town is governed by a mayor (currently Kendra Deverin) but the four founding families of Sandpoint still hold considerable influence, if not politically, then economically. Despite recent crimes, and other setbacks, Sandpoint has continued to grow, and Mayor Deverin hopes to continue to expand its prosperity in the years to come.


The inhabitants of Sandpoint are primarily human, but like any civilized population center, a smattering of other races can be found throughout the area. The human population is fairly evenly divided between those of both Varisian and Chelaxian descent, and the number of Shoanti making the town their home has increased steadily over the years. Notable personages of the town include Mayor Kendra Deverin, Sheriff Belor Hemlock, and the heads of the other three noble families, Ameiko Kaijitsu, Titus Scarnetti and Ethram Valdemar.

Notable Locations

For a relatively small town, Sandpoint offers a wide variety of services and interesting locations. In addition to a local Cathedral, Garrison, and Town Hall, the community boasts over half a dozen inns and taverns, a local theater, the Sandpoint Glassworks, and a fair selection of other businesses.


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