Light blond hair, striking emerald eyes and wirey build.


Born to a Varisian mother and a Keleshite father. Phandel’s mother was a traveling fortune teller that was taking passage with a caravan that his future father was leading. The two tried to stay together for two years, but the firery passion that brought Phandel into being wasn’t enough to build a lasting relationship. Wanderlust eventually won out and Phandel’s mother left her son and his father to continue on her own road.

Phandel grew up in the back of a caravan wagon traveling all over the inner sea. With his light blond hair, striking emerald eyes and wirey build most observers fail to see any familial resemblance between he and his father but there was always a strong bond between them.

When he was young Phandel spent all his free time and effort either reading or trading for new books. He devoured everthing he could get on any subject. A healthy, active child from the start it was obvious that his mind would be what set him appart from others. His ability to evaluate the value of trade goods from a young age was of emmense value to his father.

Just before his 14th birthday a traveling mage named Gandethus came to travel with the caravan. He discovered/revealed Phandel’s talent for magic. Phandel was thrilled, he had read extensively about both ancient and modern wonders involving Wizards and now he could be part of it. It was decided he would apprentice to the hedge-wizard.

Four years he traveled with his mentor learning everything he had to offer and helping him with the selling of the magical wares. Just after his 18th year it was obvious he had learned all he could and enrolled in an Arcane College, the Turandarok Academy in Sandpoint, which was full of the rescources to feed his expanding knowledge of magic.

Last year Phandel recieved word that his father had been killed by bandits. While it had been years since last they had seen each other it still hit him hard. Two days later he packed the few belongings he had and along with Smudge, his faithfull raven familiar, he headed out to see to his fathers affairs. After dealing with his fathers passing he made up his mind to find out more about his mother. He thinks that perhaps visiting Madam Mvashti, the ancient seer of his adopted home town would be a great place to start.


Ilsoari Gandethus: Headmaster of the Turandarok Acadamy in Sandpoint. The main campus is a school for all children but the basement is where Phandel has pursued his thirst for arcane knowledge.


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