Orik Vancaskerkin, a not-so-lucky professional soldier, landed himself into some trouble in his hometown of Riddleport and was forced to leave town, never to return. On his journeys, he encountered a small bandit group and became a hired mercenary for the group.

Finding that while he was paid well, the simple body guarding he was being used for was not enough to quench his thirst for action. The leader of the group of bandits and cutthroats Nualia Tobyn was certainly beautiful and apparently flush with platinum but she turned out to be a bit too crazy for Orik’s liking.

When a group of adventurers entered his tiny room headed by a very large barbarian he saw this as his opportunity to make change. Instead of trying to fight his way out of the situation he decided to appeal to their sense of honor and offer to join them. They decided to accept his help ridding Thistletop of it’s evil. Especially since the price was right. Though he knows they do not trust him fully he likes the fact that at least they have a purpose which is something he hasn’t had for a while.


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