Rise of the Runelords

To Thistletop

6 Lamashan 4707 AR

The group, having just finished clearing out the catacombs beneath the Sandpoint Glassworks returned to town for some much needed rest. They each spent some time pursuing interests separately while letting plans for what to do next marinate in their minds.

Dara has been performing nightly at the Sandpoint Theater.

Phandel has begun putting together the resources for the building of a magic shop.

Trogdar has looked into having a shrine to Torag constructed in the Sandpoint Cathedral.

Elomir has been busy studying the mysteries arcane.

Tarbat Winter Bear is contemplating traveling to his homeland to get some magic warding tattoos.

After four days of downtime in Sandpoint the heroes decide it is time to take the fight to the goblins themselves at their lair in Thistletop.

They visit the Goblin Squash Stables and their acquaintance Daviren Hosk to get their mounts.

They head out to Thistletop and scout about the land and the air above through Phande’s crow familiar Smudge. Seeing that there was a thick briar maze and a wood and rope bridge they would have to traverse to go by land, they spotted a cave in the cliff side of the island about 50 feet from the surf. They decided to head back to town and hire a small boat to take them there.

After a quick talk with Salty the Shipwright they hired a boat and headed for Thistletop. The boat let them off in a dingy manned by a sailor and they approached the island. They had a bit of trouble scaling the sheer cliff to reach the cave entrance with Phandel falling ignominiously into the waves. After fishing him out Tarbat was able to scale the wall and secure a rope to assist in getting the party into the cave safely. The dingy and sailor that had risked the surging waves below headed back to the boat that brought them.

The cave they have entered is split into a couple areas devided by hanging vines that form a sort of curtain. When one of the party looks through the vines, they inciting the wrath of the creature that calls this place home. A dark blue creature with a conical body covered in angry red eyes and numerous tentacles, two of which are longer than the rest. They battle this disgusting abomination to the death incurring injury in the process.

Just past this cave they find a passage leading to carved halls that they follow deeper inside the island.

At an intersection, choose double doors, enter cathedral and manage to defeat Yeth Hounds. During the battle the hounds let out terrible bays that were loud enough to shake the walls. Surely anyone on this level of the complex that wasn’t behind a few doors would have heard that.

Take side passage out of cathedral, head down some stairs and find a torture chamber/jail where they see a person in one of the cells that turns out to be a badly beaten Dara. Finding the key to his cell they decide to leave him there a bit longer and explore further.

Taking another exit they come upon a room of many doors. Choosing one they are surprised and a little sickend by what they find. A large bugbear and four female goblins in the throes of passion who are none to pleased to be interrupted. They immediately initiate a fight. Trogdar’s hatred of goblin kin comes to the fore as the cleric lays waste to multiple enemies. Eventually, with only one goblin remaining, Elomir takes hold of the raging dwarf and stays his hand. They interrogate the goblin for information about the denizens of this complex and let her live.



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