Rise of the Runelords

Local Heroes

23 Rova 4707 AR

After the attack on Sandpoint during the Swallowtail Festival, the newly minted “Heroes of Sandpoint” were looking for a suitable place to wind down. Settling in at the Rusty Dragon, they soon found themselves garnering much attention. From free food and lodging from the owner Ameiko Kaijitsu, to the attention of some of the more forward locals, the group was clearly the center of attention.

They were approached at breakfast by a town guardsman named Ted. He asked that they come to the Sandpoint Cathedral immediately to assist the sheriff with a problem related to the prior day’s attack.

Investigating a crypt in the boneyard that had apparently been broken into they encountered animated skeletons who attacked the party. After defeating the terrors they searched for clues inside. They found a spent Robe of Bones and an empty casket that formerly contained the remains of the previous town priest Ezakien Tobyn. Outisde the crypt they followed the tracks of goblins and a humanoid who had headed to the wall where they found a toppled ladder. The trail grew colder outside of town where the tracks split up. They followed the humanoid tracks towards the coast but lost the trail on the beach. Finding nothing more of use they headed back to town. On he way back to the Rusty Dragon, Phandel was approached on the street by Alma Avertin who thrust a warm loaf of bread into his hands in payment for the groups bravery. Seeing this, Tarbat entered the Sandpoint Savories for some bread of his own. While there he med the woman’s lovely daughters Arika and Aneka.

Aldern Foxglove made good on his promise to reward them properly with gold and the offer of accompanying him on a boar hunt. Most of the group went with him and were successful, procuring a fine specimen that they would later have prepared for a sumptuous dinner back at the Dragon.

Phandel, who had refrained from the hunt stayed behind in town to attend to a few orders of business, such as having a few bandoliers crafted by the local leather smith and finding time scribe a scroll.

At dinner that evening with Aldern they were joined for a time by the mayor Kendra Deverin, Sheriff Belor Hemlock, and Elf named Shalelu Andosana. They were thanked again by the mayor, asked to keep a strong presence in town while the Sheriff went to Magnimar for reinforcements and educated on the details of the local goblin tribes by the elven ranger.

After this meeting they were then privy to a rather uncomfortable encounter with Ameiko’s father. Just as the boar was being served a angry figure burst into the Dragon. A man who had the bearing of a noble, but the disposition of a mad dog, came into the bar screaming in a language unfamiliar to the provincial clientele. Eventually a he reverted to the common tongue, “Where is my daughter?!”

The usually calm and even tempered Bethana Corwin, reacted with a little yelp and ran to get her employer, her little Halfling legs doing all they could to expedite her escape from the startling scene.

Ameiko emerged from the kitchen looking perturbed and a little dumbfounded to see her father in such a state. Lonjiku Kaijitsu was an elderly man of whose countenance spoke of fear and determination. He argued with his daughter loudly in the center of the Rusty Dragon, a space slowly growing around them as patrons backed away from the pair. After a time they switched to the common that Ameiko was speaking and the fight ended with Lonjiku grabbing his daughter by the arm violently and insisting that they would be “leaving now! to Magnimar!” Ameiko stated ardently that she was content remaining in Sandpoint with her business and her friends which and struck him with her ladle all covered in the stew she had been preparing. Aghast, he released her, straightened his clothing and turned to go. As he left the establishment he called out one last terrible indiginity, “You are as dead to me as your mother!” With that he left the inn, slamming the door behind him. Ameiko apologized for such an unseemly display and went to her kitchen on the brink of tears. The rest of the evening passed in somber silence as the group reflected on such an eventful day.

Early the next morning Tarbat Winter Bear was approached by a desperate and breathless Bethana. He was told that Ameiko was nowhere to be found! She handed him a letter written in a strange language that she had translated on the reverse side. It was a letter apparently from her brother Tsuto Kaijitsu asking her to meet him at the Sandpoint Glassworks at midnight and stated that their father may have had something to do with the Goblin attack.

Straightaway the group decided to check out the large building on the coastal side of town. They found the building locked but apparently with the forge in use as smoke billowed from the chimney. After breaking down one of the doors and finding an empty safe with the door left open the proceeded to the inner workings where they encountered a group of goblins smashing glass and generally destroying the place while dripping globs of molten glass on the corpses of the hapless workers that lie all around.

The heroes were triumphant in the ensuing battle, but during the search for clues as to what had led to this situation, they found the body of Lonjiku Kaijitsu propped up in a chair in an alcove covered in a casing of cooling glass. They now knew that the brother was the real danger to his sister and the town.

Exploring the basement below the Glassworks they found Tsuto in one of the rooms below ready for them. The group fought Tsuto to a standstill and unfortunately his great agility led him to escape. Left behind was Tsuto’s Journal with plenty of good information. They found Ameiko locked in a room and freed her from her bonds. They broke the news to her about her father and saw her safely back to the Rusty Dragon where she is now recuperating. She offered them free room and board for life for their bravery.



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