Rise of the Runelords

Attack On Sandpoint

22 Rova 4707 AR

Five individuals seek their destiny in the small town of Sandpoint. A Dwarven Cleric from Janderhoff looking to extend relations and the influence of his god Torag. A Gnome Bard traveling with the cleric seeking a new beginning outside of his home in Whistledown for the first time. A mysterious Human Rogue from parts unknown seeking her fortune or something more dangerous perhaps? A Wizard and his crow familiar seeking knowledge of the ancient and arcane. A Shoanti warrior seeking redemption.

They found themselves thrust together as the annual Swallowtail Festival was disrupted by a vicious and deadly Goblin attack. The heroes acquitted themselves well in the opening skirmish, but the second attack was more dangerous by far.

Finding a young noble being terrorized by the north gate of town they fought valiantly in a back and forth battle. One side would cede the upper hand to the other as the moments flew by in fury and bloodshed. Finally, after defeating the second wave of goblins they were thanked profusely by the noble, Aldern Foxglove and offered the chance to accompany him on a boar hunt the next day. Whether or not they take him up on his offer he promised them he would reward them in coin nevertheless.

On their way back into the heart of town they began to experience the warmth and thanks of the townsfolk. They were thanked personally by Sheriff Belor Hemlock, offered to stay free at the Rusty Dragon by Ameiko Kaijitsu, and were told by a town representative if they needed anything to seek out the mayor.

Back at the Rusty Dragon they were relaxing the next morning. After a day filled with harrowing adventure they were simply looking settle in a bit in their new surroundings. When a breathless guard approached their table and pleaded with them to meet with the Sheriff at the new Sandpoint Cathedral where there was a disturbance possibly related to the festival raid the day before they all looked at each other knowing that their story had only begun…



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